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Visiting Largs

Largs is located around 33 miles from Glasgow. This beautiful coastal town in western Scotland is a popular seaside resort. There is also a ferry terminal. The ferry operates on daily basis, so you may visit also a small island of Cumbrae. The MV Loch Shira ferry is our all-time favourite.

The town itself has historic links with the Vikings and because of the victorious battle for Scotland in 1263, an annual festival is held each year in September. In 2023, on the 750th anniversary of the battle the giant Viking sculpture was created - Magnus the Viking. The sculpture is ideal spot to take a selfie.

Another Largs iconic building that does commemorate the Scottish victory at the 1263 Battle of Largs is the Pencil Monument. It is truly worth seeing.

Of course, you may spend time just walking along the promenade and enjoy the views. There are places for mini-golf, children playground, cafes and restaurants along the way.

We definitely recommend visiting Largs. You will instantly get the holiday feelings there, this is nice spot to fully relax after hard-working week.

We have been quite often in Largs, but for business reason – we provided our high quality property clearances for domestic and commercial clients. Therefore, if you are based in Largs or surrounding areas and needs your home or just attic clearance, do not hesitate to contact us.