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We are up to date with recycling regulations

Some of you may think that we are not up to date since we are in the business more than 18 years. Nothing more wrong.

We keep up with all environmental regulations and disposal of different items from electrical up to paper.

We recycle as many of items - that we clear during the property clearance tasks - as possible. We use local recycling centres to dispose most of them.

If items are in a good condition and still can be useful for anybody else, we donate the items from clearances to the charity houses of your choice.

As some of you know we also offer item valuation services, so if items are valued, we offer discounted transport to Glasgow Auction Centre.

We use quality packaging – so you do not need to worry.

Therefore, as you see we’re certainly updated regarding all necessary knowledge about recycling, so we can care about our environment as well. And we do a lot.

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