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We dispose the items safely and efficiently

During the clearances we are dealing with wide variety of household items. We dispose them safely and efficiently. The appliances can be either donated – if still can be used – or disposed. We assure you that we do not bin them – we recycle, donate and dispose them correctly.

For example one of the main concerns now regarding waste is electrical waste which increases about 5% each year. This is the fastest growing waste that ends up in landfills in our country. You can imagine how harmful it can be not only to the environment but to wildlife and human health as well. The electrical waste can cause destructive substances leakage and in consequence contamination of soil and water.

HV Property Clearance truly care about environment and sustainability

Here at HV Property Clearance we truly care about environment and sustainability, hence you can be sure that all electrical waste is disposed correctly and do not make any harm to our planet and eventually to wildlife and to all of us.

If you are on the same page as we are regarding recycling and re-using, contact us for a FREE quote for either domestic or commercial clearances.