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Office Clearances

We have 18 year experience in clearances for pubs, offices, restaurants, warehouses and storage facilities. However, today we want to focus on office clearances which require some smart planning. So, we have some useful tips: how to?

  1. Full or partial office clearance – what to keep, what to clear?

    If you clear the entire office then it is obvious: all must go. However, if you want partially clear the office than you need to decide what must be kept. Once decision is made, it would be ideal if the items to clear are on either left or right side. If you cannot move them around then mark the items that should be cleared.

  2. Decision when the office clearance should be completed?

    So, once you decide to clear the office you probably have some date in mind when it should be completed. So, give you and the clearance company of your choice some time to make an accurate quote and to schedule clearance.

  3. Time to choose the office clearance company

    You have plenty of options to choose from, but we highly recommend to spend some time on searching and choose wisely, the company that has experience, sustainable well rated, recommended by friends or family. You may also read our other post if it helps you make the proper choice >

  4. Office furniture and IT equipment

    Renowned office clearance company works closely with a network of charities, and recycling organizations for passing on office furniture and IT equipment. Reuse or recycling is very important these days; and therefore, well established clearance company will take care about the separation of wood, paper, metal and general mixed waste.
    They will also take care about working IT devices such as computers that can be donated to the charities. But redundant computer monitors (CRTs) and appliances containing refrigerants (CFCs) can be hazardous waste and as a result relatively expensive to be disposed. Electrical equipment must be disposed according to the law (WEEE), and professional clearance company is able to take care about that too.

If you have any questions or need a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us >

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