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Have you ever considered visiting Hamilton?

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Hamilton Chatelherault Country Park

Where is Hamilton?

Hamilton is a quite large town in Scotland more precisely in South Lanarkshire. It is not far from Glasgow just 10 miles south-east or 37 miles south-west from Edinburgh.
What is quite picturesque – it is situated on the south bank of the River Clyde at its confluence with the Avon Water.

So, why we think is worth to visit?

We have customers from the area where we cleared the houses and we passed by a lot of interesting places during our journey to the customers’ properties. We also spoke with our lovely clients and they recommended us to visit some places, so we did in our time off work.

What you can see or visit in Hamilton?

We think that there are at least 3 places you must visit such as

  1. Chatelherault Country Park – where you can take a long walk (500 acres of countryside & woodland or routed pathways), plan the family picnic (facilities provided) and visit listed 18th century hunting lodge. There is also visitor centre, cafe and gift shop.
  2. Low Parks Museum – is set within two historic buildings: Portland, built in 1696 as (private home of David Crawford, secretary and lawyer to the 3rd Duke and Duchess of Hamilton). The second building is the former Palace Riding School, built in 1837 by 10th Duke of Hamilton: Alexander.
  3. The Town House – is a Category “A” listed building of Edwardian Baroque Style and is operated by South Lanarkshire Council. The building combines three linked structures individually constructed and separately opened in 1907 (Carnegie Library), 1914 (Town House) and 1928 (Town Hall).

However, there are plenty of other places to visit such as: Hamilton Mausoleum, Hamilton Water Palace, Hamilton Ice Rink, Hamilton Park, and New Douglas Park – if you are a football fan. Also there are plenty of pubs, bars, cafés, and restaurants.

We highly recommend visiting Hamilton.

And if you need our help with house or office clearance, please feel free to contact us (quote is FREE of charge), and we will be happy to help you.