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Attic clearances

Attic clearance -HV Property Clearance Glasgow Paisley Scotland

Attic clearances

Most of us care the most to tidy and organise our homes and gardens, less often garages and hardly ever attics. As a clearance company we have more than 18 years of experience in clearances of houses, offices, garages, warehouses and therefore we can offer some tips how to clear the attic. However, if you are out of time to do so, we are happy to offer you a hand.


Yes, you must think about your own safety and here is a list why:

  • lack of lighting
  • height from your loft hatch to your landing floor
  • unsuitable, unstable and additionally clattered tread spaces


So, you must consider preparing yourself for the job that must be done for example:

  • solid shoes (avoid flip-flops)
  • suitable ladder or steps
  • satisfactory light source (good torch or a wired lighting)
  • friend on hand (to help or just in case to be as assistance)
  • mobile phone (if friend is not an option in case you trapped and need to call for help)

Why you need to clear you attic: clearance or loft conversion?

In both cases you need to prepare yourself and decided which things to keep, which to move (e.g. into garage) or what to donate or recycle. We have written some tips here to help you organise the items >

If you are planning a loft conversion you must clear it all out. Did you know that a loft conversion can add as much as 20% to the value of your home? And yes – it can give you extra space to better organise your home.

If you just want to tidy up because it is all clattered, the above tips help you organise your items, save valued time, and smooth the process. However, we have another tip for you since clearance the attic is kind of specific due to entrance. So, once you divide your items into two piles:

  1. items you want to keep
  2. items you want to throw away

Remember to place the pile number 2 as close to the loft hatch as possible. That way it will be much easier to make the collection.

What else you can expect during loft clearance?

Clearance of the attic is tricky since you may find items that brings in memories and nostalgia – and instead of dividing the items you will be trapped in reminiscing – so our advice is to add extra time to your schedule of clearance since you may need it much more. And if you already ordered rubbish collection and you are crossed the schedule this could be costly for you.

Injuries –yes, there is possibility that you want to avoid. So, the best practise is to obtain assistance from someone situated at the bottom of the loft ladder, who can take the items from you.

Your unwanted items are now gone from the attic, but:

  1. Did you order rubbish collection? or
  2. Are you planning on getting rid of the items yourself?

If you said yes to the second option you don’t want the items hanging around and taking up your entire floor space. So, think what items you can give straight away to the charity shops and place them in the boot of your car. Think what can be recycled and what can be re-used by your friends or sold or give away e.g. on Gumtree.

Yes, it is a lot of hassle to clear the attic, and takes a lot of valuable time, so if you rather not up to this job –  we are here to help – call us for a free quote today >