We have more than 18 years of experience

At HV Property Clearance Glasgow we use high quality packaging

At HV Property Clearance Glasgow we use high quality packaging.

HV Property Clearance – the leading house clearance company in Glasgow and surrounding areas was founded more than 18 years ago. This definitely means we have a lot o experience in property clearance filed.

However, you may think that we are not modern enough. Quite the opposite since we are always up to date. Lately, we’ve invested a lot in high quality packaging. We did it to take extra care about collectables, fine art, antiques and fragile items that we clear from the property to take them to charity or auction.

In the previous post we wrote that we can help with items valuations and deliver items according to your wishes to either charity or auction – in this scenario we give the items the second chance to be used.

Our members are used to dealing with loss and bereavement and they know that some items have sentimental value. Also they’re highly trained to recognise and take care about all valuable items – so the items are carefully packed and transported.

Therefore, our experience goes always hand in hand with being up-to date. We are always on top!