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Visiting Greenock and surrounding areas

We still have a holiday season and for those of us who decided not to go abroad this summer there are still plenty of places where we can enjoy our free time. Places that surround us but we have never thought about them as touristic spot. And one of the places that comes to our mind and we can highly recommend is Greenock area.

Greenock – town by the Firth of Clyde, not far away from Glasgow (ca. 25 miles) best known from its industrial history (dockyards, ship building and repairs) and Victorian buildings.

Newark Castle Port Glasgow | Greenock
Newark Castle Port Glasgow

There are a lot of walking paths on the bank of the Firth of Clyde and stunning viewpoints all around.

You may also be interested to visit The McLean Museum and Art Gallery that has collected and exhibited since it opened in 1876.

Greenock Cemetery for some is a ‘must see’ place to walk and reverie, and a rich source of local and national history.

However, the main visit point on the bucket list for Greenock should be Newark Castle. It isn’t located exactly in Greenock but in Port Glasgow which is in short distance from one another. This castle was built in 1478 by George Maxwell and is now a property of Historic Environment Scotland with visitor facilities – you may visit it from April to September – and it is now the perfect time to do so!

There are a lot of pubs, restaurants, coffee shops in Greenock and surrounding areas where you can socialise and spend lovely time during the visit.

Why we know so much about Greenock?

We provide our high quality property clearance services there as well. Not only to the residential clients but also to the commercial clients, receiving a great feedback from both sides. Therefore, there’s a special place in our hearts for Greenock and its residents.

If you need to clear your private or commercial property, do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote.