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Have you ever considered taking part in an Auction?

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Most of us have seen at least once the very popular TV show Antiques Road Trip – it is 24th season already! We are all curious if the item is worth the money the Antiques Experts paid and how much money they can earn. You may be in their shoes if you decide to sell your valued items on auction.

As you may know during the property clearances the unique and valued items can be found. We can help you with these items valuations as well as we can offer discounted transport to the Mulberry Bank Auction House in Glasgow.


How to care about a valued item?

Remember to use correct packaging for your valued items. Please, keep in mind the correct materials required to transport fine art, antiques and other valuable items. The valued items must be safe during the removal process and during the transportation.

At HV Property Clearance – we have invested in high quality packaging and more over our staff is qualified for packing and removing such items.

Therefore, if you think you may be in need for valuation, packaging and transportation of such items, simply contact us for a free quote on property clearance. Item valuation is also free if we carry out your clearance, and transportation to the Mulberry Bank Auction House in Glasgow is at discounted price.

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