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Exploring Kilmarnock

House Clearances in KilmarnockWe decided to explore our surrounding areas and find out what is truly interesting to visit and to see around. So, today we want to point out some interesting places in Kilmarnock – Ayrshire.
First stop is the Dick Institute opened in 1901 and since then attracts over 120,000 visitors each year. It is the largest museum and gallery in Ayrshire and it has been described by the Glasgow Herald as ‘Scotland’s finest municipal gallery’.

Second stop is Dean Castle Country Park – so when you plan the family day out this will be a great choice, not only to explore castle but also to explore the park or make a picnic. There is also Treehouse Café for those who prefer freshly brewed coffee.

If you were amazed by Dean Castle Country Park you probably will enjoy walking in The Kay Park. The park area measures 12 ha. There are plenty of paths and you may also visit Burns Monument which is a large monument of poet Robert Burns.

If you like monuments of sculptures you will also find The Swimmer Sculpture by Shona Kinloch in Kilmarnock – well known Scottish artist who specialises in sculpture.

Speaking of monuments it is worth to mention the William Wallace Monument known as well as Barnweil Monument located on Barnweil Hill.

We need to remark here The Palace Theatre and Grand Hall beautiful building and the place to enjoy any of the following: drama, comedy, variety, dance, music or shows for children.

There are many other places in Kilmarnock worth to visit, so we highly recommend planning a visit.

We have seen some of the above attractions already. Sometimes we are just passing by when we are going for house or office clearance in Kilmarnock or surround areas. However, it is always interesting to see these places during different time of the year.

We recommend a visit but for those who live there we can also offer our high standard services such as: house clearances or office clearances.