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Visiting Stirling for the first time

You may consider one day to visit Stirling – very important historically town in Scotland. The town is situated in the middle between Glasgow and Edinburgh. The beautiful old town architecture surrounds you and as the cherry on the top you will see medieval Stirling Castle on a volcanic rock.

The castle is worth the visit since it dates from at least early 12th century, and the present buildings are mostly built a bit later ~1500–1600. The castle has been home for many kings and queens throughout its rich history.
So, what you may see: the Great Hall, Chapel Royal, castle exhibition, Regimental Museum, Tapestry Studio, gardens, and more. There is a gift shop and the cafe too.

You cannot miss the National Wallace Monument which is a 19th-century tower. It commemorates the Battle of Stirling Bridge (1297), where William Wallace – Scotland's national hero – defeated the English.

Battle of Bannockburn Experience – the Battle of Bannockburn is most famous battle in Scotland and you may learn about and experience medieval combat like never before with fully-immersive 3D technology – unforgettable experience.

These three are must see, but you may also visit The Stirling Smith Art Gallery with 40,000 objects and artworks to explore.

The other stop can be The Old Town Jail – it takes you back in time to showcase the history of crime and punishment.

To be honest there are more interesting places, so take your time and explore more!

Yes, we have been to Stirling mostly to do our high quality property clearances for our lovely customers, but we were back privately to visit this lovely town filled in with historical memories.

So, we wanted to point out how worthy visiting Stirling is for all of you who haven’t been there yet or for those who would like to revisit the place after some time.

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