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Property Clearances Hamilton

We provide full and part property clearances to people in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. As a company we have been serving people for over 14 years now and in this time our reputation has continued to grow due to more recommendations from people who have used us previously.

All of the property clearances we have done in Hamilton have been carried out by our professional staff who take great care in every property that we work in and we are very aware that some clearances are needed due to loss or bereavement which is why we are very understanding, sensitive and respectful when clearing the property. We have worked in different sized properties of different conditions so have plenty of experience. As well as house clearances we can provide clearances of lofts, cellars, attics and any other room you may need cleared although these are subject to size restrictions.

The items removed from properties are auctioned, recycled or given to a charity of your choice where possible as this is better than waste.

As well as property clearances in Hamilton we also offer an item uplift service, a cleaning service and valuation services;

  • item uplift – we can lift a number of items with this service and we work in cubic yards, we can lift up to 20 cubic yards. The page on item uplift gives you an idea of pricing so you know what you can expect to pay.
  • cleaning service – this service can be provided alongside the property clearance and we bring all of the materials required. This service is ideal as it leaves the property sparkling so is great if you are selling, letting or refurbishing it.
  • free valuation services – people may wish to have their collectables, antiques or fine art valued, HV Property Clearance provides a free valuation service that you can take advantage of.

The good thing about using us for property clearances is that you can sit back and let us do the lifting and cleaning for you. For further information you can call us on 0141 255 1901.