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Paisley Museum

Paisley Museum is under renovation and will be expanded to become even more innovative and interesting for a tourist.

We cannot wait to see the museum once all works are done and the museum opens to visitors.

We know that some exhibits will be truly worth to see.

Sometimes during property clearances some interesting and vintage items can be found. Especially during the attic clearances.

Paisley Museum

It may turn out that some of the items are of bigger value and you can take them to the auction house to make some profit. You may also sell or donate them to your local museum, so wider audience can see them on the exhibit and admire it.

We highly recommend to visit Paisley which has much more to offer; buildings with exceptional architecture and glow, places to visit and enjoy. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes too.

However, for the property clearance services in the West side of Scotland contact us >