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House Clearances Rutherglen

Do you need clear the house or commercial property in Rutherglen?

Clearing out a house can be a hugely stressful task never mind time consuming. It is an easy mistake to underestimate the amount of possessions that you or a relative has bought over the years, many of which that has been put in a cupboard/cella

Do you need clear the house or commercial property in Rutherglen?

r/attic and been completely forgotten about.

Apart from the amount of possessions you then have to consider how difficult it will be to get heavy items out of the property or how difficult it will be to manoeuvre past all of the furniture, especially if you are planning on doing it yourself.

At HV Property Clearance we make getting rid of your old possessions much, much easier than tying to drag everything out of the house by yourself.

Our professional team can remove all of the belongings in the property both carefully and efficiently regardless of the number of items that need to be removed.

We have years of experience in the house clearance sector and have perfected our service to cater for both domestic and commercial customers in Rutherglen.

In our time as a house clearance company we have helped hundreds of customers in Rutherglen and all over Glasgow. We have came across people who have just wanted a clear out to people who need a property cleared because of a recent bereavement in the family.

We always treat every house with the appropriate respect and recognise that items in a property can hold strong sentimental value for a person.

Our clearance service consists of removing items that is not screwed to the wall or the floor. Our team can also remove carpets and any heavy items that may be in the house.

Our house clearance can include lofts, attics, cellars and conservatories; however, this is subject to the size restrictions. We can also clean the house for you on the same day as your clearance – great if you plan on moving into the house, selling it or letting it.

We charge competitive prices for our house clearances and would be more than happy to give you a free quote for clearing your house in Rutherglen.

For your free quote just give our team a call on 0141 255 1901.