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House Clearance Glasgow

We can carry out all types of complete or partial house clearances.

We work closely with social workers, housing associations and charities to determine people who would benefit from this kind of property clearance support.

Compulsive Hoarding (unwillingness to discard large quantities of  items)

We have a sensitive non-judgmental understanding of the adverse effect this can have on the individual and often their families and close friends.
All our staff understanding the importance when undertaken a House Clearance Glasgow  treat the householder with dignity and respect.

We realise that it is a massive step for them to firstly admit they need help and allow any one into their home to deal with their situation. We don’t simply remove everything from the property, we realise that what seems worthless to others may hold a great deal of emotional attachment to that person.

Void property clearance, courtyards, outside areas, evictions, squatters, and abandonment.

If you need help give us a call on  0141 255 1901

This service is mostly used by housing associations and landlords. Properties are quickly turned around and made safe for future occupier entry. In property clearances our cleaning service is beneficial and necessary for quick handover.