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Charity Partnerships

One of our challenges in business today is to recycle and reuse as much as possible. The cost of landfill is getting out of control. The price of landfill per tone is now up to £150 per ton.

One of HV Property Clearance Glasgow’s goals is to donate as much as possible to local charity shops.

We have had to resolve some problems and challenges when undertaking property clearances. It takes a lot of time to separate out all items we are clearing and normally the client is on a time scale. So we use our recycling warehouse in Paisley to sort our items.


We always have a lot of double handling but its still makes economical sense, especially when charity’s are finding it hard too.

Donations to charities have fallen by 20% in real terms during 2011/12. The public gave  less to charity than the previous year, according to the longest-running and most authoritative annual study of giving across the Scotland.

The partnership between HV Property Clearance and local charity shops is not  just a good thing but  its a life line to our Company.